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100 Economic Wax offers our most economical thermal transfer printing solution while providing consistent performance on a wide variety of materials.

» Most efficient, cost-effective ribbon for every-day use labels
» Applicable to various types of labels and tags
» High blackness & fine definition ideal for printing barcodes


Low print energy and antisatic formulation for easy handling and printhead protection.

Outstanding print quality & durable image

Applicable to various types of labels and tags

High blackness & fine definition

Coating technology for printhead protection



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Wax thermal transfer ribbons that provide great printing quality and performance for all-purpose marking and work just fine for applications like retail, shipping and warehousing labels. Wax ribbons are an economical way of printing. Low print energy required. Suitable for flat-head printheads and printers.

Are you looking for a ribbon suitable for paper labels and rough label surfacesThe black universal wax ribbons are for cost-effective printing on matte and uncoated paper labels (Vellum). 

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